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Selecting Statement Wall Art For Your Home

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

The impact of large, statement wall art is undeniable. Effective statement wall art will not only draw the eye and look spectacular, but it also evokes an emotional reaction.

With this in mind, when selecting large wall art for your space it is important to select something that you love and enjoy looking at. Photographic Art can set the tone for the room, your household, or workspace, so you need to select a piece that provides you with positive vibes.

Size is important

The first thing to consider when selecting Statement Wall Art is what spaces you have available to display the art.

Once you have a space in mind for the photographic work, measure the space so you have in idea of what size the work needs to be. For large statement wall art, the piece should fill between two-thirds and three quarters of the available wall space.

Don’t forget to take into account height as well as length. Artwork should be hung between 10-30cms above a piece of furniture. If on an empty wall, works should typically be hung so that the centre of the piece falls at eye level (between 140-150cms from the floor).

Consider your space’s style and theme

Now that you know the size of artwork that you need, it is now time to consider your space’s style and theme. It is likely that your space already has an existing style, so unless you are looking to completely change up your look and feel you will need to select an artwork that complements that style.

Let’s go back to that emotional reaction we were talking about earlier. What kind of emotional feeling do you want your space to evoke? You might want people to walk into the room and be immediately energised. Or relaxed. Or inspired. It’s likely that you’ve selected furniture that matches the feel you wish to create, so have a think about what artwork makes you feel the same way.

Black and white photography, metal and glass prints all work well with modern, contemporary styling. If you are going for safari or natural, earthy styling then our African Animal Prints would complete that look.

This leopard shot works well with the earthy tones in the space's styling.

Tie together a colour palette

Another strategy for narrowing down your statement art piece is to think about the colours you already have in your space. It is good to have consistency in the colours you have present in a room. This does not mean everything has to match - you can play with shades and tones as long as you don’t stray too far from your existing colour palette.

On the other hand, if your space is minimal you may select a vibrant artwork in order to make a bold and grand statement.

The red in the lights on the Empire State Building play together beautifully with the red arm chairs.

Statement Wall Art Can Transform Your Space

Statement Wall Art can transform your space. It sets the tone and feeling of a room. Keep in mind the above tips but most of all, ensure to pick something you love that makes you feel good when you look at it. If you need more help in deciding the right size, print material or photograph for you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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