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BEHIND THE LENS: Aerial photography series

Join us as we sit down with Matt to discuss his experiences with drone and aerial photography.

Tell us the different ways you capture aerial photography

The main ways that I capture aerial photography is using drones, and using my DSLRs in a helicopter. I’m yet to use a hot air balloon (laughs). Helicopters with the doors off are great for aerial photography. I've flown with FlyNYon a few times and that's been really amazing each time.

What are some of your favourite locations to capture drone and aerial photography?

I like south-east Melbourne city, where the botanical gardens are. That’s a really nice area to put the drone up. Down at the Treasury Gardens is great because you get the buildings going all the way down Flinders Street toward the station and Yarra River.

Putting the drone up through the Whitsundays you can get some amazing perspectives. We had a boat so I was able to launch from the boat and look out over the islands and they provided some stunning shots. It is can be so secluded. Looking back over the photos that I took from the drone and seeing our boat and the island and nobody else…that is a pretty special shot that you don’t have the opportunity to capture very often.

The Gold Coast coastline is quite nice with the stunning beaches and the new skyscrapers that are coming up along there. It offers a contrast to the city shots. But cityscapes are my favourite subject with the drone. Cities just have so much to offer.

What are some places you would like to do drone or aerial photography that you haven’t had the chance to yet?

I’d like to head up to the Macedon Ranges and get some drone photos up there once lockdown is over.

There are some stunning aerial photographs that you’ve taken around Uluru and The Olgas in the Northern Territory of Australia. Can you discuss your process and experience in capturing these photos?

You are not allowed to fly drones at Uluru but there are some great local helicopter businesses that you can support that will take you up in the air. We flew with ENTER COMPANY NAME and they were fantastic so I do recommend them if you are looking on taking the journey over there. The best thing is that they have the option to fly with the doors off, which is perfect for photographers because it removes the risk of glare, reflections, dust spots etc. on the glass and allows you to focus on the shot. Uluru from the air is incredible. It looks big from the ground but from the air it is a completely different experience.

What do you prefer out of drone photography or taking photos from a helicopter?

Helicopter all the way. Drone is good, but nothing beats the rush of being able to lean out of helicopter to take your shots. With a helicopter you get to experience the views first hand.

Let’s discuss the below Swan Street photo. This one is one of your best selling photo wall art prints on the website, can you tell us a little bit more about this photo and what was involved in capturing it?

This drone photo was captured in Melbourne at sunset in winter time. You can see the Swan Street bridge just after the sun has gone down so we have that nice glow of the sunset still present. It is on a slight prolonged exposure which means we get that nice stream of light coming from the moving cars. This has helped to really highlight the colours - the blues of the sky, the purples of the sun coming through the cloud cover. The yellow and orange hues reflecting in the water - it has a lot of warmth even though it is the middle of winter.

What do you think makes this image so popular as a wall art print?

I think it resonates with people. They know these places, they are familiar to them. You can see so many iconic landmarks of Melbourne that make you feel something. If you love Melbourne it is hard to look at this shot and not feel something for Melbourne.

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